How to update discobot messages

(Emma Furtado) #1

A message was sent within the hour that contains language I need to update.

I have read through the automated emails but I don’t know how to update the messages from Discobot that have the wrong name for our community.

Where can I edit these words?

(Daniela) #2

In your admin/customize/site_texts search for:



I like you so much. thanks for being so helpfull all the time.

(Emma Furtado) #4

Hi Dax,
I am noticing that this didn’t work. My discobot messages are still using the wrong site name and such.

Any ideas to fix?


(Daniela) #5

Everything works regularly on my trial site and changes are accepted normally:

Did you see any error in your log console?
Can I see the raw message that you are trying to change?

(Emma Furtado) #6

Hi @dax, the message I’m trying to change is above. I’m trying to change the text within the red boxes. I have changed the name and the signature but I saw a message today that wasn’t updated.



Was it a new message that was sent since you made the updates?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Did you hard-code the name of the forum in the message? The default copy uses a substitution variable, rather than hard-coding the name.

If you hard-code the name, then you’ll need to change it, but I recommend keeping the variable in there which will reflect the current value of your site name.


The forum won’t be update to the past messages.
Will be updated to new messages, that discobot will send to other users. :robot: