How to update Theme Components when running on Ubuntu

I’m updating Theme Component settings while logged into my discourse site under Admin, but that doesn’t appear to affect what shows up on the site.

The “preview” version of any component appears correct, but the Live site does not have the loaded components working.

(Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere, but I could not find information about this in the rest of the meta material.)

Do you have the theme components added to the active theme? Check out Beginner’s guide to using Discourse Themes if you haven’t already.

Thanks @awesomerobot ! I did in fact and not trying to waste anyone’s time. But couldn’t seem to find the answer in there as to why components would no longer work.

Did they work before and stop working recently? If you inspect the page and view the console tab, are there any errors?


They were working in Beta 4. Then the update killed them all! HA.

Check your browsers JavaScript console for errors as per awesomerobot. Once there is one error it can have a knock on effect to other components. They usually appear in dramatic red so not easy to miss!