How to use Auth0 with the OAuth2 Basic Plugin

(Ruth Cheesley) #45

@jerdog I have an open support ticket which one of your engineers has been working with me on. Happy for you to use that if it cuts time debugging! Ticket is #44440



(Serginho Cintra) #46

I tried now with a new profile from an American site i.e. withou the “eu”:

I am stuck on the same problem! :worried:

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(Jeremy M) #47

@RCheesley / @Serginho_Cintra / @blake - we are looking into this and will get with you as soon as we see what’s going on

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(Kane York) #48

From the other thread:

oauth2 json user id path : sub
oauth2 json username path : nickname
oauth2 json name path : name
oauth2 json email path : email

Quite different from the identities.[].id posted above!


(Jeremy M) #49

Yes - things have likely changed from post #1 in terms of required settings

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(Blake Erickson) #50

@riking see this post for why I had that.

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(Blake Erickson) #51

@RCheesley and @Serginho_Cintra

The key part that we were missing is that we need to specify a scope when we ask Auth0 for user info.

I’ll update the original post with the correct values you need.

And thanks @jerdog for the help :slight_smile:!


(Ruth Cheesley) #52

Fantastic, thanks so much for all the help guys, hugely appreciated!