How to use the Setup Wizard to update your Site Settings

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When you first configured your Discourse forum, you were greeted by the Setup Wizard. It’s a tool that was developed to make it easy to get a forum up and running.

Re-running the Wizard to update your settings

As an admin, you can re-run the Setup Wizard at any time by logging into your site and appending /wizard to the URL in your browser’s address bar. For example, if your site is at, to re-run the Wizard, login to your site and then to go to

Re-running the Wizard is a great way to update your site’s logos, icons, and homepage.

Updating logos

To update your logos, load the Setup Wizard, and click through its steps using the Next button until you get to the Logos step. Use the Upload buttons for the Primary and Compact Logos to upload your new logos. Click the Next button when you see the upload in the preview area.

Updating Icons

To update your site’s favicon and mobile device icon, click through the Wizard until you get to the Icons step. Use the upload buttons to upload the new icons and then click the Next button.

Updating your homepage

To update your site’s homepage, click through the Wizard until you get to the Homepage step. On that step you will see a dropdown menu that contains the available options for your site’s homepage. You can see a preview the available homepage options by selecting them from the dropdown menu. Your settings won’t be saved until you click the Next button, so this is a safe and easy way to see what is available.

Exiting the Setup Wizard

The Wizard saves the value of each step after you click its Next button. The easiest way to exit the Wizard is to click through the steps that you don’t wish to update until you get to the Finished step. Click the Done button to go back to your site.

Designing the First Time Setup Wizard