How to watch a tag intersection


I know it’s possible to watch a single tag and get notifications:

Is it possible to watch an intersection of tags? It seems that in that case the watch function is no longer available in the tag view:

My particular use case would be for a different set of teams to get notifications when there is feedback for a particular part of a project. For instance the backend team would be watching tags/intersection/feedback/backend and the frontend team would be watching tags/intersection/feedback/frontend.



This isn’t currently possible. A couple of workarounds you could go for:

  • Have dedicated “dashboard-feedback” and “frontend-feedback” tags

  • Add “dashboard” and “frontend” to a tag group with “feedback” as the parent. This would prevent “dashboard” and “frontend” being used unless “feedback” is present. Then people could safely watch “dashboard” or “frontend”. That may or may not be useful for your site.


Thanks for suggesting some possible workarounds!


any chance that will be possible soon?

It is going to require a plugin. I don’t see this feature landing in core any time soon.

It is quite complicated to explain the UX to end users and even if we did support that then we would need new backend to support storing this pref.

Best you can do now without a custom dedicated plugin is maybe use Saved Searches Plugin


@dplanella we’re building navigation based on tag intersections, you’d be welcome to join in. We’d be making tag intersections the main way to move around the site, either by typing them into a search bar, or by clicking to add a new tag to your current location so the users experience branches out like a tree.

I assume you mean that you want notifications if someone posts there.

@syl 's Docuss plugin allows watching a tag (although its not its main purpose so i’m not sure if it fits your use case, but it could inspire a specialised solution). Syl, you use tag intersections a lot, can users watch an intersection?

I tried to find a page that might also be useful which i found a while back, but i drew a blank. I found this: Discourse Meta for user stats, but i thought i had previously seen a page like this which filters by category and shows who the top posters in that category are. I’ve lost it though.

Unfortunately, Docuss has no such feature. It uses the standard “single tag watching” capability.

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