Feature request: Tag union URLs

Feature request for tag union URLs

I found out today it’s possible to intersect tags by putting “intersection” in the URL (in addition to the Advanced search URL for this), for example:


I’ve understood this is not possible for tag unions, so that combine with “OR”.

Therefore, hereby a feature request to make what is already possible for interventions also possible for tag unions.


This URL works at the moment:


Long term we plan to expose a UI for this kind of filtering.


Dear @sam , thanks for the reply. May I also point your attention to this feature request ? This, in combination with the “intersection” possibilities of this post, and some UI for all of this, would generate the forum possibilities we need for being able to offer our users precisely the content they want to see / receive in their email weekly.

I think that doesn’t work anymore? It’d be nice if it did.

@tgxworld is working on a very cool new concept for dynamically filtering topic lists:

We intent to capture this very use case with our DSL.

AFAIK the ninja URL stuff still works, but will be far more intuitive under the new pattern.


Awesome — looking forward to it. The situation I’m looking at is probably[1] something I’ve inflicted on myself, but: we’ve just merged our user support and project development forums into one site. People want to be able to follow tags in one or the other of these areas[2], or both.

There could be some fancy way to deal with this — for example, if category mute could override tag watching, or if there were some way to have complex rules for watching[3].

But the simple way is to create different tags: #desktop-team in a tag group limited to Project Discussion, and #desktop for Ask Fedora. Works fine for notifications — watch the one you want, or both. But now there’s no way to see them both in one listing.[4]

An easy way to see #desktop and #desktop-team together would help (we’re already using Discourse Tag Sidebars, so they could be linked together there).

  1. makin’ things up as I go along! ↩︎

  2. categories, in fact ↩︎

  3. this new DSL applied to notifications as well as lists? ↩︎

  4. which could be satisfyingly symmetrically elegant with a fancy solution ↩︎

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