How would you see all the users against you?

I didn’t really know what it’s called, so I couldn’t search it up :sweat_smile:
Basically, I want to know how to see all the stats of other users, like if you’re not in the top five
You can still see how many times they liked you (not being a admin or mod)

see all the users against you?

It sounds like you are on a competitive forum. Perhaps they have gamificiation installed and you can look at the leaderboard:


if not then user list can be sorted to show different stats:



Not competitive, I just want to see where I rank on other people’s like area.

Is this even possible? Or has it not been developed?

Did @Lilly 's response not suffice? Why not?

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Since that screenshot is on the Gimkit Creative forum, you would use to check your leaderboard.

The forum has no gamification installed.

I knew this answer as I am also a user of the forum

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As it’s not competition, I just want to see how many times an individual has liked or been liked by someone not in the top 5, not just all.

I don’t think the user directory would show what users had liked your posts?

There is a ninja filter to group all likes or reactions received from a certain user if that’s of any interest? Eg

On the reactions version you can include an extra bit as well:


what do I replace here?

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You’d replace USERNAME with the username of the person who you had liked your posts.

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oh, so I have to count?
I was just hoping to see anyone below this

I know, but I’m afraid that doesn’t exist. :person_shrugging:


What would be the best alternative?

Post in marketplace if you have budget and would like someone to build a tailored plugin for you that meets your specification more exactly.


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