HTML tags showing in banner and don't know where to change it

Oh, but I would prefer to use the campaign set to subscribers not amount… can you help me with this bug?

I’m afraid I don’t know of a way to change that. I’ve recategorised this topic as ‘bug’, and hopefully that will get it some attention from people who know more. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face: It helps me know better how to ask for help in this community

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My CSS is very basic, but this will hide the text entirely if that’s any help in the short-term?

.campaign-banner-progress-description {
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Oh! Yes! Definitely! It helps a lot!

Where do I need to imput that text? In the Github plugin code?

Sorry, I have been learning about HTML and CSS but I’m still a total noob

Thanks so much!!

Sorry, I could’ve been much clearer. :slightly_smiling_face:

For that you can add it to the css of your theme by going to /admin/customize/themes, selecting a theme, and clicking on the ‘Edit CSS/HTML’ button. Then copy the code above and paste it into the common tab (and save).

Though it’s better to add it to a theme component if you can, as that will stop it getting overwritten in any updates (and you can attach it to multiple themes). It’s very similar to the above, but with a few extra button presses. :slightly_smiling_face: You can find out a bit more about that in:


Oh! It worked! So this is what I needed for now and can launch my community publicly as scheduled. Over the next few days I will add to a theme component and hopefull the bug will be fixed.

Thank you so much, you have been so helpful!

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Hi! I still need help with this as the solution @JammyDodger kindly found is a temporal fix… thank you so much in advance!

Hi Hana,

This is on my list to fix this week, so that we have a permanent fix in place. I’ll be sure to let you know when I have an update.


Oh! Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face: No hurry, I just wanted to specify that what I had found is a temporal fix.

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I think this is fixed now, if you want to update the plugin and remove your ‘hide text’ tweak. :+1:


Oh, thanks so much! Do you happen to know where I can translate the “of”?

I have found this, but when I translate it to spanish, it keeps the word in english

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Oh okay, lets see

This is the english translation file:

And this is the Spanish translation file: discourse-subscriptions/ at main · discourse/discourse-subscriptions · GitHub

and it looks like it is missing several translations :frowning:. It doesn’t even have the campaign: section.

Should it just say de instead of of for this line: goal_comparison: "<strong>%{current}</strong> of <strong>%{goal}</strong>"?

Hi, yes, exactly. It must read “de” instead of “of”


Okay great, I’ll fix that one up, and then I’ll see who we can reach out to do the other translations.

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EDIT: I solved it opening a private window in my browser :sweat_smile:

Thanks!! And one thing, I am trying to change this texts

  • js.discourse_subscriptions.campaign.button
  • js.discourse_subscriptions.campaign.title
  • js.discourse_subscriptions.campaign.body

And I save the changes but then nothing happens, the texts remain the same

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So looks like all the translations can be edited here: Crowdin Enterprise

I went ahead and updated the goal_comparison one, but if you’d like you can update

these as well, so that other spanish sites also get these changes.

I’m still figuring out when the translations that are edited on that site will be applied to your site though.

Thanks! It’s very helpful! I’ll keep an eye for that translation :slight_smile:

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@Hana_Kanjaa Can you confirm these are translated correctly?


title: Apoya esta comunidad
body: ¡Necesitamos tu ayuda para mantener esta comunidad en funcionamiento!
button: Apoya

I’d rather use the concept support (apoyo) instead of subscribe (suscribirse) because people mix subscribing it with registering.