Https:// spinning

Hi – seems to be broken for me. It just spins and the console shows one error message Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Method Promise.prototype.then called on incompatible receiver [object Object] at e.then (<anonymous>)

Is there another source of API documentation?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong room.



What browser are you accessing the docs from? It loads without issue for me on Chrome (v76, Windows 10).


I’m using ChromeOS v77

Same for me on Chrome v77 (both macOS and Linux), it was working fine on v76 on macOS few minutes before I upgraded to v77. I see the same error in console for page reported in the OP.

I came here because, in addition, one of the topics on my self-hosted Discourse instance is just spinning on v77 (observed yesterday on Linux and just now on macOS). Same behavior as that topic loaded perfectly fine on v76 before I updated. This one just keeps spinning and has not even gotten around to printing the error on the console. The only peculiar thing about this page is that it has had dozens of wiki edits. Rest of my site seems to work fine.


OK, I got the v77 update, and am now able to reproduce this cc @blake. ReDoc does not load.


Hi Joshua

Do you think it will help fix my issue as well, as in, are the two issues related? Do you want me to provide any more info?

I do not see anything captured in /logs or the Chrome console.

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Please start a new topic with details. Discourse is a completely different application than our API docs.

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Hey @Bethany_Connor thanks for bringing this to our attention - we have updated the docs dependencies to the latest, and I am now able to load the docs over chrome v77.

Thanks again for the report.


Yes, thanks for the report, sorry for the delay, it wasn’t clear to us because we were still on Chrome v76, as v77 was just released a day or two ago and only it exhibits this problem.