Hub app does not give notifications until you open it

That’s a video of it. To reproduce, give yourself a notification and then check your phone. You won’t have it until you go into the app, when you should receive notifications any time.

Push notifications for iOS users are only “real-time” if your community is hosted by CDCK (the paid plan of Discourse). If you are self-hosted, push notifications come with a certain delay.


I did notice that, I got a push for your reply. Is there any way I can fix this?

Not really. Your only current option is to build your own app for your community.

The thing is, delivering in-real-time push notifications requires some work (issuing certificates for specific sites, sharing them between site owners, Apple, Discourse Hub, etc) which CDCK can only do for business clients.

As another alternative, you could suggest your iOS users to use Fig, which does send push notifications, but also imposes slightly different UI.

Or (yet another or) wait until Apple implements push notifs for iOS PWA (people have been waiting for this for, I guess, at least 5 years)


Safari on iOS and iPadOS get native push next year.


So I have to wait until 2023 to have instant pushes?

I dont really mind anymore, I installed Fig just for push notifications, but it would be nice to have this in the Hub.

It’s impossible. You’d need a dedicated one-signal (or equivalent) token for your community. Thank Apple for all of this.

But I can’t get notifications from Fig either?.. For this reason I uninstalled it.

I installed Fig and I get life notifications

No, in 2023 Safari on iOS will support browser notifications, which would facilitate discourse sites sending notifications without any app.

CDCK (makers of Discourse) pay for separate notification infrastructure for their hosted customers, which hooks into Discourse Hub. The only way to get push within Discourse Hub is to be hosted by them.


Great, I reinstalled and got notifications. Strange!

Looking forward to that. :heart_eyes:

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The only reason I have Fog installed is for notifications. It’s missing a like and reply button though, which would be convenient