Push notifications settings

Found this in the chat-settings:

My understanding is, there are no (mobile) push notifications for Discourse. At least for iOS/Mac due to the lack of a central push-server.

If the new chat feature is aiming to make external chat-solutions like rocketchat obsolete (which would be great), push notifications are an issue. So is this an early indicator, that a central push-server may be in the making, like Rocketchat does?

My intranet-community would be more than willing to pay for such a service.


Discourse does support mobile push notifications actually, but iOS does not allow web push notifications through PWAs (which is how most probably install Discourse on mobile). If you use discourse hub on iOS, you do get push notifications.

Many of us internally use DiscourseHub for Meta and our internal instance. Some people like to keep Discourse push notifications muted by disabling push notifications to DiscourseHub. This is an issue when chat is introduced because everyone wanted chat push notifications. The easiest solution for this, is the setting you screenshot. It still allows chat push notifications through while blocking all core push notifications.


But now the notifications on iOS are available? It seems to me that Apple has released an update for web push notifications or not? @markvanlan

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I haven’t seen any update. If you want push notifications on iOS you need to use DiscourseHub still. Attach a link if you know something I don’t!


Sorry, I read an article about a petition. I got completely confused. However, it is sad to see that Apple is relying on apps so much that it does not want to implement web notifications.

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Hmm, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get Discourse notifications on DiscourseHub, for both Meta and my self-hosted instances, and yet they don’t seem to arrive.

I just tested it out and I notice I’m receiving the badge alerts on iOS (on the app icon) but not in the banner (top of screen) or notifications center.


Checking in to see if you had any luck getting it to work as I haven’t seen many other reports of this. At least for Meta and other sites hosted with us, they are supposed to work out of the box.

For self-hosted instances, push notifications are not expected to be working out of the box but the two workarounds I know of are Whitelisted Discourse app with Push Notifications via OneSignal and Pushover notifications.


I confirm that Pushover notifications are working well for our self-hosted instance. However, neither Pushover notifications nor the default Discourse web push notifications work for chats. People get notifications about new replies in threads etc. but not about new chats. This sounds like a bug. Maybe this notification type was neglected when coding the web push notifications solution?

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I’m getting web push notification on my Android phone just fine. We recently changed so push notifications are only sent when a user has been away from Discourse for over 10 minutes (by default), so you don’t get phone notification if the site is opened on you desktop, for example.