I am looking for a Discourse developer to fix some CSS issues

What would you like done?
Fixing some minor CSS issues.

I am looking for someone who is able to fix some remaining issues, so please let us know if you’re available.

Link to website: https://community.festingervault.com/

When do you need it done?
As soon as possible.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
This can be discussed.


Hi @Festinger

I might be able to help, Please drop me an email to bhanu@orng.co and we can discuss.


Thanks, I sent you an email!


Could also help. You can contact me at nolosabes.com or just send a message right here on meta.

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Hey @Festinger

For some reason, I didn’t receive your email. Can you either DM me here or send an email again?

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I am also available to help. You can contact me at https://ghassan.blog or Home | Zaat.dev For Developing Fast and Smart Apps

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