[PAID] CSS (potentially plugin) forum customization work!

What would you like done?
I’d like to hire someone on contract to help us get our new discourse community looking sexy before we launch. We like the way this community is styled and would want something similar: https://nomadforum.io/

When do you need it done?
Need to have everything looking great by June 1st, 2017

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Can pay $40-$80/hr depending on how awesome and fast you are :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness someone offering a substantial hourly rate for work in #marketplace! My :tophat: is off to you sir :bow:


Ha! You get what you pay for and I like working with quality devs. :nerd:


I’m not a plugin magician, but could show some love to your CSS :slight_smile: If you’d like to see my skillset, slightly CSS -
customised Discourse instance here: http://dyskusje.austrowegry.org (still WIP though)

Thanks @MakaryGo but I’ve been taken care of.

@joebuhlig thanks for doing a great job in a timely fashion! Highly recommended :clap:


I’m glad you managed, cheers!

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