I am not getting any emails

See the email section of our install guide: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md#email


It will work with gmail SMTP?

No. You asked for other email services to use, and I shared that link which helps you see other email providers to use when installing Discourse.

Take a look through that guide and then ask your questions based on the issues you had following that guide.

If you choose to follow other steps outside that guide (like using other mail providers), you make it harder to answer your questions.


Actually I created virtaul host for discourse host in ubuntu machine, so I think hosts not able to send the mail. Please sujjest, what should I do?

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Can you confirm which of the other email services you selected?

I’m not using Gmail,
I’m using the mail server that came with site

Then you should get those who run that mail server to help you.

If your situation is urgent the best thing to do is use a service like mailgun which thousands of people have used.


Mail gun you have to put in a credit card

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so wha do I do?
Im not sure

I am trying to use sendgrid,
it says they sent the mail but it did not?

If discourse says it sent it, then it handed it to Sendgrid. Check your sendgrid logs.

If sendgrid said it sent it, then it sent it somewhere. Check your spam folder.

See Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install


I checked the soudgrid logs lol,
nothing in them

mailjet worked until my account got banned

I am now trying sparkpost

You certain?

I ask as they have the less secure apps option


I know they limit the amount you can funnel through so its not ideal for any large forums


I would not use gmail.com.

rather use a personal domain (e.g example.com)

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thats what in was trying to use, did nor work

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You have to be careful using email from your personal domain. One time I was forwarding some emails from one account (domain) to another (different domain) and I apparently sent too many emails within a certain time period and my domain was reported and marked as “Suspended: Abuse”. I couldn’t even access other email accounts on that domain. It was cleared after 5 days without any notification at all or the suspension or the release. :unamused:

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“Less secure app access” is meant for desktop email clients like Microsoft Outlook 2007, not for allowing you to send out automated reply notifications.


Might be, but its also what followed this alert with gmail settings
and had to be turned off, its a newer fault I hadn’t had to deal with previously :man_shrugging:

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