I can't access after installing

my forum forum.meuxbox.com.br
I created the forum for testing several times, maybe it’s an SSL certificate error?

I installed the forum through this tutorial https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md

I get this error, the forum is on VULTR 1GB

What does

 tail -f /var/discourse/shared/standalone/logs/var-log/nginx/error.log


You can’t do that willy nilly. Let’s encrypt limits you to 10 certificates a week, so you will have to wait to use this domains on a new install.

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to get back to normal I need to wait for 1 week?

That’s the easy solution. A more complicated solution is to do Setting up Let’s Encrypt with Multiple Domains to add another domain to the let’s encrypt request, which will sneak you past the rate limit you hit (since asking for forum.x.com and silly.x.com is a different request. But it requires some careful changes to your app.yml and your DNS config, which is what got you into the trouble that you’re in. If you can wait a week, you can just wait and just rebuild when the time is up.

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