I cant setup smtp. I tried everything

I tried first Gmail bu it did not work. Than I tried Elastic mail and it did not work too. I cant see any error or problem but mails are not arrive.

I used Intuz on AWS. I opened port. What should I do?

Gmail will not work. Gsuite is not recommended. ElasticEmail is not designed for transactional email. It is likely difficult to configure Intuz to work. I recommend mailgun or SparkPost. You will need to follow instructions on those sites for configuring them to deliver mail for your forum’s (sub)domain name.

For $99 I’ll configure Mailgun for your domain, install Discourse and send you explicit instructions for the DNS configuration that is needed. $99 Discourse Install – Literate Computing, LLC


Thank you. if I setup Discourse on EC2 without Intuz can I use Gmail or ElasticEmail? I tried Bitnami script. İt is work but I dont like bitnami because slow I think.

So it seems that you tried everything except for reading the installation instructions. Check these out! :wink:




You have a typo. It’s smtp.elasticemail.com with an ‘e’. It will work with everything being approved to send (DKIM, SPF records approved).

I want to use Gmail for inbox and Mailgun for notif. mails vs. is this possible? can I use both

Yes, sending and receiving mail are two distinct processes.

You can use Gmail mailbox for retrieving mail via POP3 as described in this #howto Set up Reply via Email Support ✉


I cant see any delivery method information this screen. Is this normal?

Look at the mailgun logs.


nothing seems :frowning:

Should I open any port or something?

No. That is not normal. Did you use discourse-setup to configure SMTP?


Why can’t you use discourse-setup? There are many conditions in which you can’t use it (e.g., you’re running on a non-standard port). From some of your output it’s clear that your app.yml isn’t configuring SMTP correctly, if at all.

No, there is no requirement for using discourse-setup, but since you’re apparently unable to configure app.yml without it, that was my suggestion.