How do you setup SMTP

I am very confused when it comes to using something like Mailgun for my Discourse forum. Is there any good tutorials for using it or any other similar service? I tried but it was asking for my address to put at the bottom of emails or something and when I was trying the Discourse paid free trial it didn’t have an address at the bottom of emails.

Are you talking about the general email setup needed to be done on a new Discourse install? The install guide is only for people who want to host Discourse themselves.

If you’re using our paid hosting you don’t need to configure email, we handle that for you… it should work automatically.


For self hosted I recommend using AWS SES, it’s by far the most economical from what I’ve seen for top tier reputable services and works well too.

I am self hosting though

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Yes but do you need to put in your address for the bottom of each email like other services like Mailgrid require?

Use Mailgun or AWS SES if you don’t want to put a banner/address below your emails. almost all other providers will force you to add contact information in the email footer in addition to what’s already supplied in Discourse.

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