I created a droplet to install Discourse, what should I do next?

can i write my email address & password in smtp?

No, you need an email service. Use a recommended one as per the guide.


I choosed mailjet & logged in & i went smtp & send api settings page, there i found username & password.

but what i have to write here

That’s a question for mailjet support. Ask them.

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but what i have to ask them & how?

I have to write this? I found on Google Mailjet’s host name is in-v3.mailjet.com .

I found this here also on google

“What is the public host name of your smtp service?”

How? Read their website on how to contact their support team? You tell us!

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I think this is a public hostname. @merefield Can you try once?

Why would I do that? I don’t use mailjet. Don’t speculate here. Talk to their support!


My Community is ready I am signing up with admin account but i cant received any email. What to do now?

Anyone Please help me

You revealed your SMTP password, so you should change it.

You can have a look at Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install.

Did you configure mailjet to send mail from community.ercloir.in? That’s the address that the forum is sending from.


No, How? Guide me Please

I done everything in Terminal, wrote everything correct. but not did anything in mailjet

I am with mail jet and it works well.

I followed these instructions (for mail gun)

The difficulty I had was not with the host, but the domain provider setting. This might be your issue.

The text it told me to copy and paste did not work with cheapname.com. From memory I had to use “@“ instead of “myforumname.com

Within mailjet there is a test to see if you have put these settings in correct.

Depending on size of your community you might consider sendinblue they allow 300 free emails a day. My site was originally with them and was a bit easier to get setup. But as my site grew I shifted to mailjet,


This is how it should look in mailjet. Note the green boxes that say it looks good.

If you do not have these that means, you do not have the settings correct with your domain name provider.

If you have got these wrong, it willl appear like this:


I am changing email service from Mailjet to Mailgun.
so, can i use this Plan?

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Yes you can

Follow this video. It’s step by step with mailgun

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I asked to my team members but they say to use SendGrid Instead of Mailgun. So, Can i use this plan

anyone reply please

If your team members recommend SendGrid, then go with that, and have them help you configure it.


About what? What part of this is unclear to you?

Discourse recommends a few mail providers that are known to work well with it, but it should work with anyone that lets you submit messages via SMTP–which it appears, from what you’ve posted, SendGrid lets you do. Discourse needs to know the SMTP server, the port, the username, and the password; how to get those is a question for whatever mail provider you choose. Once you have them, put them in app.yml.