I Created a Droplet

I created a droplet & I ran ssh root command(ssh root@ Now which command I have to run? I am installing discourse without one click app.

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Are you struggling with following the instructions at the official install?

If so, which instruction in particular is causing you problems?


@merefield I run this ssh root@ command Now which command I have to run? I searched on YouTube but I can’t found any video on this. So, Please help me.

Did you navigate to the link in my post?

That IP address is just an example, use the exact public IP address provided by your VPS prrovider for your VPS.


Yes, I used exact ip address not, this is only for example.

Now Please help me regarding this.

Have you followed my instructions?

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Yes. I followed.:relieved::relieved:

As per the install guide, the next step is to clone Discourse and run the install script, under the ‘Install Discourse’ section of the guide.

I would suggest that perhaps if you are finding these steps difficult, exposing a Linux box to the internet may not be the best of ideas. If you’re struggling with the install process, Discourse hosting is available, or you can get it installed for you here.

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So, how to clone the Discourse?

Are you reading the instructions? What commands have you run so far at the prompt?

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Oh I get your confusion, it’s just the lines following that statement, ie:

sudo -s
git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse_docker.git /var/discourse

(the clue is in the clone :wink: )

That will clone discourse_docker ready to setup and build.

Then you simply navigate to the new folder (as stated):

cd /var/discourse