I dislike the new mobile topic header behavior in 2.2.0.beta5

Does that mean that notifications will never show without swiping sideways to check?


I also noticed that the new mobile topic header (which I welcome) seems to come at the price of downgraded navigation UX, but I soon noticed that it’s not as bad as the first impression would have it: if you scroll upwards just a little bit, the “old” navigation header will re-appear. Are you aware of that? For me that is good enough a solution. Or am I missing your point?

Alternatively (or rather: in addition), pehaps it could be made so that tapping on empty space in the header (alternatively: on the right fifth of the header) could switch to the header with the navigation stuff (incl. search)?


I’ll admit I’m also missing the notification indicators. Personally, I’d love to see the avatar (with PM/notification icons) remain, and only have the search and hamburger menu hidden.

With that said, I’m excited to see @featheredtoast’s upcoming swipe menus, which will allow access to notifications without scrolling up, but I think I’ll still miss the notification indicators. Time will tell…


Yes, I’m aware of that and yes you’re missing my point (or perhaps I wasn’t clear about it in my frustration). :slight_smile: Not seeing notifications without taking additional action is the massive sticking point for me. (The other stuff, while annoying, I can live with.)


OMG, me too. I can’t un-see this now. Thanks, @Karl_Romanowski.

I bet you love telling people about bad font kerning, too.


Yea, almost literally, I guess. But that kind of dopamine pumping feature is not a good thing because it’s adictive (no offense, we’re all victim to this). So from that perspective, I’d even say it’s good that those notifications are a bit more hidden…

See also here:

We updated our site today and have agreement from everybody I’ve talked to thus far that this is a hindrance, not a boon, to browsing on mobile.

Knowing what topic you are currently viewing is a problem I personally have never had, and I have been using Discourse daily for almost two years now. The addition of this largely unhelpful information in place of genuinely useful features is a decision I honestly cannot comprehend. Blocking the hamburger itself is a bit of a pain, blocking the user icon is worse, and blocking the search feature makes using the forum as we do on a daily basis feel more like a chore than it should ever need to. These work fine on a computer, where no functionality is replaced, but on mobile they just add an unnecessary step that completely breaks the flow of navigation.

Forcing users to scroll up slightly to be able to access these features or return to the home page is something that, at the very least, needs to be able to be disabled both globally, on mobile, and also per user. It makes the act of navigating between pages feel clunky where it should be elegant, and was up until today. Please, please, please let us disable this.


It’s taking a while to get used to, but I’m starting to feel the same here. I do really like the topic title being prevalent here, but I’m having some phantom limb pain from being unable to see my notifications. Search and hamburger I rarely open when viewing a topic. I’d be curious to hear how @orangeandblack5 uses those while within a topic.

Full height menus will be cool when they hit, but also bear in mind that the swipe in features will also be unavailable on iOS due to swipe-left being reserved for browser forward.


I’ve had it happen to me a bunch that I open up my phone and have no idea what I’m looking at, 40 posts deep, with no easy way to find the title and then get back to where I was. I also find the very slight scroll up to see the other header items to be both intuitive and already muscle-memory, requiring no thought in just a short time.

My only concern is notifications not being visible. Although generally I turn off notifications everywhere I can, (re: @tophee’s comment), as an admin I really want to see them.

And that only increases my concern about notifications.


But this kind of gamification is one of the things Discourse seems to pride itself on. And in any event I have lots of PM conversations with friends on various boards and this makes that interaction more difficult.

I couldn’t have said it better.


I am confused here, the logo is always visible.

One experiment we can look at adding is just showing the blue and green circles on the second row aligned to the right, there is plenty space for it.


You can press the post counter on the lower right corner to see the topic then tap the box to return to where you were.


Thanks. Learn something new every day. I do think I had learned that several times already, but it just isn’t intuitive to me. The title is at the top. So that’s where I look.


Yeah, I fully agree it’s not intuitive.

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Let’s not forget red (I’m already guilty!). Flags are important as well, I’d love to see that in the experiment too.


I didn’t know red existed. I must still be a newby.

I really like this idea, though.

I see if I can whack an experiment theme component for this on Monday on BBS and here. I think it is legit to want the blue/red/green circles


The best idea is to “rez in” the other header at the time notifications arrive. Not sure if that is possible but it makes the most sense to me.


I worry it can get quite a bit flashy though if notifications are going crazy … granted it only impacts super power users but who knows.

I think it is super legit to always want the red circle, it is a super important mark for admins and the earlier they get it the better. Plus you want it there always so you never forget that there may be a fire going on right now.


I have another idea. Just leave the new one as it currently is, but only show it while scrolling and for a couple seconds after. Then fade back to the main header.