I have add sql file of live site on local but login button redirecting how to login on locally on ubuntu


I am unable to login on my machine on ubuntu. I have setup discourse and add import sql file of live site but now login button is redirecting to live site please help me to do login as admin on local machine


Run you local development environment with DISCOURSE_DEV_ALLOW_ANON_TO_IMPERSONATE=1 bin/ember-cli -u and then visit http://localhost:4200/session/system/become on your browser.

@Falco It’s not working…its stopped working ember - cli. Can you please help me to login to my admin account on local development. when i am accessing this url → http://localhost:4200/admin it gave me like " No route matches [GET] “/admin” .

Please help i need to do admin login on local development

Thank you so much @Falco DISCOURSE_DEV_ALLOW_ANON_TO_IMPERSONATE=1 bin/ember-cli -u this code helps me out… Really appreciated. It’s just like i have stop the rail server and then run this command then started to working.

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