I IP Banned..myself?

I impersonated a user (who was ip banned) by accident and i can’t log back into my account. I don’t have a VPN or a phone (yet). What do i do?

go to a place that has wifi like a coffee shop or something (anywhere with a different IP) and log in. go to admin-logs-screened_ip_addresses to unblock the IP.


I can’t do that sadly, because i’m using a school chromebook and i can’t take it everywhere

use a friends phone

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(i’ve asked a admin on another website to unblock the IP)

Hi :slight_smile:

This issue is already covered on meta. It’s one of the first results from the search: Search results for 'admin ip banned' - Discourse Meta


You could use a library computer that has a different IP if you have a library card for that.

A admin i messaged on another website responded and got me back. Thanks for more details!

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Ah good, congratulations about that!

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