"You can't login from that IP address"

I am getting error while login to my account

You can't login from that IP address.

How to fix it.

You have blacklisted an IP address, which prevents users from logging in using that IP address – check Admin → Logs → Screened IPs.

Search for the IP or IP range that is being blocked and press the Allow button


Thanks, system has blocked this particular IP range automatically!

It’s due to spam deletions. If you press “delete and block” or “delete spam” this happens automatically.

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I was experimenting with my system: I’m admin. I invited myself with another mail and I responded. Now, my admin account is blocked from this IP. So I cannot just unblock it as I only have one admin account in this forum.

The /users/admin-login page will work, it will email you a one-use token.


That’s neat. Is this documented somewhere? It’s the first I see of it existing.


I am having a similar problem logging in using the app on my phone. Logging in using my phone or laptop browser works just fine,

Your phone does not have a stable IP, so you will need to disable admin login IP filtering (this is what I would do) or use a VPN on your phone to access the forum.

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I encountered the same problem.

And My admin account can not log in to it also.

How can I just change it? like form ssh?

Fine. I’ve done that. I don’t really know but I got on directly by url:8888 and changed the admin>>logs>> spam ips and changed the restriction.

Now it’s done.


I got this error today trying to log in to an admin account with ‘use admin ip whitelist’ disabled, I’ve had this issue before but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My IP was not on the logs -> screened IPs block list (or in an ip range, which I’m not using).

On v2.2.5 I had a list of blocked IPs from spammers, after looking up more info on these IP addresses (https://whatismyipaddress.com/). It showed that a lot of them are owned by Cloudflare. So it must be due to Cloudflare proxying.

Just a heads up for people using Cloudflare (exluding DNS only mode), this might be causing your issue.

I believe the real IP can be obtained from Cloudflare using CF-Connecting-IP or X-Forwarded-For headers: How does Cloudflare handle HTTP Request headers? – Cloudflare Support

Correct, there’s a template you need to add to your YML file if you’re using Cloudflare.

in templates: add:

- templates/cloudflare.template.yml

Perfect! Will add it now. Thanks @Stephen, appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Thanks , that was my issue, for clarity I needed to modify rule under Admin:Logs:Screened IPs

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Looks like it has changed to /u/admin-login and the one time token is not bypassing the IP address check. Is there another way to fix this? I’m currently locked out of my forum and I am the only admin.

OK, got it through by using VPN - can anyone tell me how my IP address got blocked so I can prevent this from happening again?

If a Screened IP Address of type “Allow Admin Login” is added, admins can only log in from IP addresses listed as allowing admin logins.


Hello I am having the issue as a user. Trying to login to share tribe forum Sharetribe Community Forum
Can’t log in with my phone, work computer or laptop. Soon as I use a VPN it is fine.
I have sent the IP’s to sharetribes support team, they say they are not blocked and they do not know the reason for the fault.

The solution is posted in the topic, above:

Admin → Logs → Screened IPs.

Search for the IP that is being blocked and press the Allow button

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