"You can't login from that IP address"

(Anand) #1

I am getting error while login to my account

You can't login from that IP address.

How to fix it.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You have blacklisted an IP address, which prevents users from logging in using that IP address – check Admin, Logs, IP.

(Anand) #3

Thanks, system has blocked this particular IP range automatically!

(Jeff Atwood) #4

It’s due to spam deletions. If you press “delete and block” or “delete spam” this happens automatically.

(Robert) #5

I was experimenting with my system: I’m admin. I invited myself with another mail and I responded. Now, my admin account is blocked from this IP. So I cannot just unblock it as I only have one admin account in this forum.

(Kane York) #6

The /users/admin-login page will work, it will email you a one-use token.

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(Jakob Borg) #7

That’s neat. Is this documented somewhere? It’s the first I see of it existing.

(Nate Mamman) #8

I am having a similar problem logging in using the app on my phone. Logging in using my phone or laptop browser works just fine,

(Kane York) #9

Your phone does not have a stable IP, so you will need to disable admin login IP filtering (this is what I would do) or use a VPN on your phone to access the forum.

(xiasummer) #10

I encountered the same problem.

And My admin account can not log in to it also.

How can I just change it? like form ssh?

(xiasummer) #11

Fine. I’ve done that. I don’t really know but I got on directly by url:8888 and changed the admin>>logs>> spam ips and changed the restriction.

Now it’s done.