I just can't set discourse up

I am having ALOT of trouble setting up Discourse.

I want to set it up so I don’t have to pay a large amount of money but I just can’t.

Can anyone help me?

Ben, I’ve moved this from #marketplace because it doesn’t sound like you want to spend much money, so you are better to get the free and helpful advice from meta members initially.

Why don’t you just tell us in more detail what steps you are struggling with?

What do you consider ‘a lot of money’?

Do you have the prerequisite of a credit card to help you pay for the various services you need and establish an identity with the vendors? Lack of a credit card is a deal breaker I’m afraid, even though the amount of money involved, especially initially, is not high.

It should only cost < $10 a month to self host and initially you can take advantage of free tiers and services that sometimes last for several months at least to peg it much lower than that.

Have you set up your:

  • domain. (~$10 a year)
  • cloud VPS (< $10 a month, initially free on some platforms)
  • cloud mail service? (~ $5 a month, initially free on some services)

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