I have no idea how to setup Discourse


I have seen a lot of videos of how to set up Discourse but none of them have really made sense to me. Also, the fact that most of the tutorials I am reading are over 1 year old!

Come someone pleas help me?


If you want to create a forum you should follow these instructions :+1:



It’s really not that difficult to setup discourse.

The install/setup articles/posts might be ‘10 million years’ old, but the procedure stays the same.

If you need help, just ask.


As noted, the setup process, assuming you have a suitable VPS already set up, is pretty straightforward (really, it consists of git clone, changing to the appropriate directory, and running the install script). Lots of us here have done it and can help you out. But if you’re looking at that document and thinking it’s way over your head, you might want to consider a hosted Discourse instance instead–in that case, someone else runs the server and takes care of all the software installation, and all you need to worry about is managing your forum. The “official” hosting starts at $100/month, but there are other hosts as low as $10/month.

@Crazy_Content if you need someone directly to assist you, please post a job in #marketplace with a budget. There are many Discourse-experienced professionals around here who can assist.

Thanks, for the info.

Thanks! This will help. :smile:

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