I just converted my site to Discourse!

I’ve been waiting for a LONG time to port my IPBoard system over to Discourse. Waiting since the first announcement back when. I finally did it last night, after an unfortunate database error left my previous board inaccessible.

I just want to give a shout out to the developers, and the community here. I spent the last 12 hours making my site into exactly what I’ve always wanted a board to be.

I even ported my theme in without any difficulty.





Congratulations, which site did you convert and was it done on a docker install setup?

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Can’t give out the name (private forums) but yes it is based on the 14.04 LTS Ubuntu + Docker. Install was simple :smile:

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I did some work on my client server last night. The base OS is CentOS 6. I installed docker, built a discourse container and set up a proxy site through Virtualmin.

Check it out! It’s still quite vanilla however it is proof-of-concept for CentOS and Virtualmin proxy.

This is different from the first IPBoard site conversion you were talking about, right?

Correct. The ipboard site is a private forum. I got very curious to see if I can host dockers on my virtualmin client server. So far I have one up and running (the one I posted just now) and I am going to attempt to build another.

The proxy is handled by Virtualmin, through the Site Configuration -> Proxy Options. I put the docker on port :8080 and have it proxied to the virtual domain.

Working great so far, with one instance. I’m hoping to be able to include Discourse as a custom script installer for Virtualmin eventually, wrapping it up and sharing it with other users of the GPL distribution of Vmin.

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Wow, that was an insanely quick reply, all under just 3 minutes! :slight_smile:

Maybe you could share a few screenshots to better tell the tale, though?

Can I reply via email

160+ wpm typing ninja here.

yum update
yum groupinstall “Development Tools”
yum install git wget

On your CentOS machine install Docker. Redirecting…

Clone the Discourse repo:

mkdir /var/discourse
git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse_docker.git /var/discourse
cd /var/discourse
cp samples/standalone.yml containers/app.yml
vi containers/app.yml

Set the ports to 8081:80 and 2222:22 for your first instance. Configure all other Discourse app settings and write, quit by typing :wq!

./launcher bootstrap app
./launcher start app

Multiple instances can be added later, follow a conventional numbering scheme for your ports and you will be able to effectively serve Discourse virtual hosts through Virtualmin proxy hosts.

Install Virtualmin GPL:

wget http://software.virtualmin.com/gpl/scripts/install.sh
chmod +x install.sh

Wait for this to finish, then log into your Virtualmin site https://your-host.com:10000/ login root / pw [your-root-pw]

Create a new virtual server with the domain name you have pointed at your server (discourse.locl.ca for me). Click on the Server Configuration menu (image 1) and choose the Edit Proxy Website link. Point the proxy from Virtualmin to the Discourse url that you configured when you bootstrapped your instance.

Rinse, repeat for additional domains pointing at your server.


Hi Rod_James :smile:

Very nice job !

I’m looking to do the same, but without the hosting part.

Did you use a specific converting script to do the job?

Have a nice day !


@Pierre_Girard it was a hard cut for us, we abandoned our IPBoard install
and flipped over to a new discourse instance. We have about 300 posts in
20 threads now and it’s growing again daily.

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