I need a theme to promote some hidden categories

What would you like done?

Further to a discussion a number of years ago, I think I need a theme creating.

My Discourse has a number of hidden categories. Here is a selection of some of them:

I wish some of my hidden categories to be made visible on the homepage of my Discourse (but not all of them) so people can see they exist - but they can’t get in them.

They should be made visible to anyone who views the /categories page, including people not logged in.

The topics within the category should NOT be leaked. If someone views the /latest page they simply won’t see the categories.

(Which means this plugin is not suitable for me: Advertise activity in a private category (discourse-category-lockdown))

If users have the correct group membership it should naturally let them in to that category.

If user do not have the correct group membership then the category link should not be clickable, or, it should redirect them to a common page which will explain why they do not have access: https://example.com/pub/some-page-url-here-with-details

To keep things simple, I am happy to manually type in the category names and the descriptions in to a config file or some settings, or enter some manual HTML or something similar.

Can this be achieved with a theme?

Have I explained my requirements in enough detail? Do you have enough information here? Do you have any questions?

When do you need it done?

Must be complete before 31 January 2023.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

My budget is GBP£250 - Which at the current exchange rate is USD$302 or EUR€285. There might be some small flexibility in this.


Maybe Category Previews is what you are looking for


It may well be, thanks @Moin