Is there a way to show Category headings to users that can't access them?

I’ll try to explain :blush:

Our club has various membership levels, the higher the membership level the more categories on our Discourse you have access too.

We have a handful of categories that are completely hidden to people who don’t have access to them. In here we have things like club discounts, off topic discussions we don’t want indexed by search engines, etc.

Is it possible to reveal the headings of some of these these categories to everyone (even to people not logged in), so they can see these other areas exist, but still mange access to them in the usual way? (via trust levels)

I was looking for some kind of security setting that says something like “allow everyone to see this category, but only allow trust level X to enter” ?

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If you only want to show the categories why not add them to the navigation using a theme component?

Is it possible to via a theme component make category names visible to users who don’t have access to that category?

You can hard-code any link into a component.

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Ah, hard-coding is a different thing. That makes sense, but you will have to manually maintain your list of categories in two places…

Sure, but unless you want to share a list of all hidden categories there’s an additional step to curate the list you want to draw attention to. It’s not a 1:1 duplication, and unlike other approaches doesn’t require a plug-in which can break.

I didn’t even know that was possible, I shall investigate further, thanks :slight_smile:

I could live with that, we make very few changes to categories :+1:t2:

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