I need help setting up an SMTP server!

I was wondering if there’s any good free SMTP servers… I tried Mailjet but it won’t work.

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You’d probably never find a Good ESP that’s free. But most Good ESPs give a fair free quota for very low volume users.

You may want to try mailgun which IMO are very reasonable with their pricing. You can pay as you go and their delivery is rock solid.


Not free but cheap but quality! for example: Amazon Simple Email Service
Last month: 2461 mail = $ 0.25 . OR mailgun


Sorry for the late reply! It seems that Mailgun won’t accept my CC. Are there any other alternatives?

AWS or sendinblue are good options.

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How do I set up Sendinblue? ( I Signed Up Just Don’t Know How To use It )

You will need to ask them how to use their service. We can only help input whatever details they provide into discourse.

This is off topic but refer this article. I can’t help any more than this.

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