Mailgun free account

Still trying to get mailgun to work.

What do you guys think?

Any other options for cheap smtp?

Most often, the alternative I read is usually Amazon SES or Sendgrid.
It depends on your needs.

I found a comparison sheet, it might help:


Looks like that restriction is in part to avoid their system being used by spammers, that don’t have a validated account with a payment card:

"If you’re on the Free plan without credit card information present or using your sandbox domain for testing, you’re restricted to sending just to Authorized Recipients.

Restricting a domain or an account to a fixed set of verified email addresses makes them less useful for spammers."

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Ok yeah that’s what I was thinking.
But I don’t see anywhere to enter credit card without upgrading….

That might be required to activate/validate your account, but if they are still doing the flex plan option that doesn’t charge anything for low-volume sending of less than 1,000 e-mails a month.

Seemed like they may be in the process of discontinuing that plan or at least not advertising that to the public. When I first created an account with them it was $35 a month minimum, but then support agent was able to downgrade account to the flex plan (not listed as “free,” but was free as long as didn’t go past the 1,000 e-mail monthly threshold).

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I’ve been using and it’s worked flawlessly so far and it’s free. Tech support responds faster than any tech company I’ve ever used.

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It’s free for 200 messages per day, and then jumps to $10/month, which is the same $1/1000 messsages that mailgun charges, except mailgun will charge actual usage and not $10.

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had to pay for an email through godaddy, but using smtp2go, I am now working…