I want adverts, but only local adverts from local businesses

I am running a regional community for Kosi Bay, South Africa (Kosi Tribe)

My idea is to create a private advert category that only admins can post to and for all of its topics (if not closed yet) to be displayed on a large photo banner at the top of the page. The topics in this category would consist of a subject, image and a link only.

This should keep things nice and clutter free and support local.

Any thoughts, ideas or alternative suggestions on this?

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Would house ads work?


Will give it a try and see, thanks!

I’m doing this exact thing on blenderartists.org right now by slightly modifying the CSS for a ‘banner topic’. Note that this will not give you rotating banners.

I’m also using the open source Revive Adserver for the rotating banners you’ll see at the side of topics - you could use this to rotate top banners too, of course.

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