I want an URL to appear in unmodified form even with inline oneboxing enabled

I’m still trying to find a way to block ALL OneBoxing by users. I have a space in front of the URL to avoid the OneBoxing on this post. However, you’ll note it still is not showing in raw URL form. On my site the URL shows up fully OneBoxed with thumbnail image, when users include it in a post, even though I have the setting to 0.

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That is because inline oneboxing is enabled here in the site settings. Enter the URL with brackets if you insist that the URL must appear “raw”:



↑ notice the brackets.

I suggest going through https://commonmark.org/help if you’d like more detail on formatting rules.

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The way it appears when special formatting characters are applied is not my concern here – I just noted it in passing. My concern is that some URLs – like the one noted – get OneBoxed when included by users despite my having OneBoxes per post set to zero. I cannot rely on users taking proactive steps to stop OneBoxing, I need to prevent it at the administrative level. The setting seems to work for many URLs, but for some – like this one, it fails to stop OneBoxing.

I’m having trouble understanding what you have written above. I see no oneboxing. This is a onebox:

This is a link


To get the above I typed


Note the presence of brackets.

Yes, a OneBox as in your example is what appears here – including the thumbnail photo – even though the setting says 0 OneBoxes per post. The next time this happens with a specific URL I’ll get a screen grab for you.

Here is another URL that is consistently being oneboxed on my site, even with number of oneboxes per post set to 0. Adding wired.com to the blacklist has no effect – this URL is still oneboxed (title, thumbnail image) if no specific action (e.g., leading space) is present to stop it.