Why am I seeing ‘#number’ next to site texts?

I am in a situation where I have installed Discourse on Github using DigitalOcean. I have a few questions here (Discourse Version 3.3.0 beta2)

  1. I would like to know why I am seeing the #number pattern as shown in the attached picture and how to remove it, is there any way?

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I want to install Discourse AI on Discourse

I would like to edit the theme rules

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Hi @Truest, I can answer your first question:

The numbers you are seeing in the UI are related to the “verbose localization” feature. Details about how tit can be used to modify the user interface text of your site are here: Find a translation key with verbose localization. The most likely reason you are seeing the numbers is because you have enabled the “verbose localization” site setting:

Disabling the setting and refreshing the page should make the numbers go away.


Thank for your reply. #number The problem has been resolved.

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Hello and welcome @Truest :slight_smile:

Just to reiterate this :point_up: It is much more useful for us to have one issue per topic so we can make use of all of the features to better organise our content.

Moin has very helpfully answered in different posts to make it easier to split out the answers, if you wouldn’t mind splitting your extra questions up into new topics. :pray: