I want to turn “automatically set as primary” = true on by default on all of my groups. Is this possible?

I’m using Discourse Wizard to allow some users to create their own groups, and Discourse Category Home so that every group has their own category as a homepage.

Users can only join via invites sent by the ones who created a group, and the invite link is set to add them to the group that was created by the group creators.

This setup works great if the group has the setting “automatically set as primary” selected as invite adds them to the group, and the group selects their new homepage. The issue is that the “automatically set as primary” tickbox has to be selected manually after someone creates a new group otherwise the setup doesn’t work.

Anyone have any ideas how to turn it on by default so that users are added to the new group on joining the platform, using the invite links, and the group automatically becomes their primary group?