What exactly does "Automatically set as primary group" do?

I understand that when I check the “Automatically set as primary group” option in a group’s settings, the idea is that when a user joins this group, this group will become the user’s primary group, right?

Furthermore, the effects of setting a primary group in general have been well explained.

But here are some questions:

  1. Does this work retrospectively, i.e. if I check this option for a group that already has members, will this set the group as their primary group?
  2. Am I right in assuming that it is always the last group that the user joins (and which has this setting activated) that becomes the primary group?
  3. Where it gets more complicated is when you also automatically set a title based on the primary group. You’d think that the title changes when the primary group changes but this does not seem to be the case. And some (not me) might argue the user title should only change if the new primary group actually has a user title assigned to it. So the question is twofold: what is the current behaviour and what should be the behaviour?
  1. Yes

  2. If you have more than one primary groups (for example groups A and B) and a user of A enter in the group B, the last group (B) will be automatically set as primary. Admins can change the primary group for each user

  3. I don’t know about titles but in my memory some configurations of the group remain even if a user leave the group (e.g. if you set the group to assign TL4, when a user leave the group he still remain to TL4).


4. So if I combine 1. and 2. that means that if I activate “Automatically set as primary group” for multiple existing groups, the order in which I do that matters (because the last one overwrites all previous ones (in case of overlapping membership), right?

Yes, in my case I have a single user in 2 primary groups. When I set the 2nd group as primary in his user setting the last group (2nd) became the primary

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