I would like the FAQ to be visible on the sidebar

Apologies in advance

I have not done anything like this in (cough) decades. between making sure my plan is correct, adding everything and organizing I am losing my place

I have lost my breadcrumbs to allowing the top level side bar to show more so the fan and guidelines are not in the “more” link.

did I miss an option to click agree for these too?



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Hello again :wave: No worries on the questions!

If I understand what you are asking, if you are an admin on the forum you can change it so the FAQ page is always visible in the sidebar by clicking on “More” then “Customize this Section” then move or add FAQ to the very top.

Steps with Images
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If you aren’t an admin, you can create your own sections with a direct link to the FAQ, but you cannot edit the top section of the sidebar.


Thank you once again

I am the admin and sole creator for this currently.

while I just retired from a semi technical field it was in a whole other world of tech so while I know what I really would like to configure, finding it all and setting it all is proving less easy than I would hope for.

I have not had to code forever either so coming back is not at all like riding a bike.



I pushed it up the rope


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