I'd like to send a bi-weekly email to all of my users via my Discourse. is that possible?

i’d like to send a very simple bi-weekly reminder to all of the members of my team to remind them that its time to perform an action, if they’d like to join in this round of action on a project.

i’d like to give users the ability to opt out, or mute notifications for a set time. perhaps even modify how often they receive the reminder.

is this possible via discourse?

My recommendation would be to create a category for this (“Announcements”) and make it read-only or read-and-reply-only for normal users.
Then, make new users watch that category by default (via site settings), and apply this for existing users. If you choose to allow replies, choose the Watching First Post notification level.

This way, whenever you make a new topic in that category, every user will get a notification by default. Users can opt out by changing the notification level for the category.

(Note that this will reduce the amount of digests your site sends out, because any mail Discourse sends to a user resets the digest period – so if a user has set digests to weekly, they will only get a digest if no mail has been sent to them for a week, including these announcements.)


Good solution, I am new to discourse and every day discovering so many amazing features built in. I will certainly use this solution for a mailing list / notification type system.