Idea for TacticSoft's forum:Forbidding users from own topics

I posted this on the SM community’s ‘‘Ideas & Features’’ category and one of the mods directed me here.

This is a simple idea.
Basically,adding a feature to forbid selected users from replying to your own thread if set to do so.
There are always those 2-3 annoying users that contribute nothing to the topic,who start wars,agruments for no reason or are simply annoying because their way of being.
Like a ban from a topic.The selected persons will still be able to watch the topic (read it) but won’t be able to comment.
Adding such a feature could stop pointless argumets,will teach people to behave better on-line and would simply help us get rid of those that annoy us.
I hope you take this idea into consideration.We,from the SuperMechs community,could use such a feature.

This seems like more of a job for the moderators to contact these people and ask them to chill out… and if they can’t, then politely ask them to find somewhere else to be.

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