Unsolving a topic does not remove autoclose

Shortly after installation of the solved plugin we noticed some topics having the autoclose message " This topic will close 7 days after the last reply." at the bottom, but there was no posting marked as the solution.

We now got a confirmed case of setting the solved status inadvertently, where the unsolving of the topic did remove the solved status, but left the autoclose in place.

Can you please look into this and make the solved plugin remove the autoclose if the topic is unsolved again?


This thread was closed after 7 days after the last reply, even if I did not press the “solved” button at all:

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Sure I support a change that removes the close timer

  • IF it was placed on the topic by the solved plugin (and not a staff member)
  • IF the topic is unsolved

Regarding the change, Is it safe to assume that if the user that set the timer is nil, then the timer was set by solved?

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Not sure, we probably need a different unique marker

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What would you suggest? I’m assuming the unique marker would have to be an object

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This API in core needs to be extended to add a reason.


I think PR welcome here is not really going to work, going to hand this over to @tgxworld


Are you able to reproduce this? The solved plugin will only add the topic timer if the “solved” button was clicked and SiteSetting.solved_topics_auto_close_hours is enabled. I think something else it at play here for your instance. Perhaps you have auto close configured for the category?

I’m thinking of storing the topic timer id in the topic’s custom fields instead and avoid having to add an additional column that is only used by the solved plugin when SiteSetting.solved_topics_auto_close_hours is enabled.

It is ok with me, your call, the topic timer table is pretty tiny so its not really a storage concern there.


Done in




The issue happened when the topic self-closed after 7 days of inactivity, even when I did not click the “solved” button; I am not sure how can I reproduce it.

Since it is impossible to trace back how that topic got its autoclose status: Can we please keep this out of this topic?

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