If tag is in a "Tag visible for all, but only staff can use" group it can't be selected in "User preferences"

If a tag is in a tag group that is dedicated to Tags are visible to everyone, but only staff can use them it can’t be selected in User preferences for default tags watching

That is bad because we have a tag called “Announcement” and only staff can tag posts as an announcement, but we can’t set it to “watched.”

A workaround is to first create the tag and doesn’t have it in a restricted tag group, add it to default tags watching, then assign it to the restricted tag group.

But it should not be this way IMHO.

I’ve just looked into this and I don’t believe I am able to recreate the problem as described.

We recently gave tagging permissions a bit of an overhaul to allow for tag groups to belong to arbitrary groups (and not just the staff group - see below), and this may have fixed the problem you were seeing.

Are you able to try again and let us know if things are looking OK on your end?