Tag watching not working for non-staff when tag is part of a Tag Group

When I include a tag in a tag group, it disappears from the /my/preferences/tags page for non-staff users. In addition, the watching preference is not applied despite it looking fine in the database.

This is regardless of what is chosen in the permissions settings for the Tag Group:


If I delete the Tag Group, the tag watching starts working normally for those tags.


This does sound somewhat odd and something we should sort out.


Hi @nathankershaw

Did you find something ?
Get any update on this ?

As you mentioned this might also be the same issue as the one Im talking about in my thread.

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Not as yet - that is up to the Discourse team. I’m sure that they will let us know when they’ve had chance to address it. It is the holiday :desert_island: period!!

But if you need your Tag watching to work for now, just remove those tags from any Tag groups they are in (or delete the Tag groups) if you can live without the Tag group functionality.