I'm using the default Creative Commons licence for my forum - what rights do third parties have

… to use and reproduce content?

Hey guys,

I’ve done a search, read the agreement and read the CC FAQ here but forgive me for wishing to check my understanding especially in the context of running a Discourse forum.

If for example a third party wishes to write a book, paper or make a film based on forum content:
(my belief under the default licence the answers are below)

  • do they have the right to do that without asking anyone?
    • YES?
  • do they need to have the site owners permission?
    • NO?
  • do they need to ask each individual poster for permission to use their specific content?
    • NO?
  • And in doing so do they have to maintain the same licence so that their work can also be shared or mashed?
    • YES?
  • Can they sell and profit from that work?
    • YES?


Can you remind me which one Discourse defaults to? There’s no less than 30 variations of CC.

Either way, I found TL;DR Legal super useful when I was trying to sort out the licensing. Doubly so because our forum is specifically for sharing custom code/scripts!

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Hey Lucas,

CC-BY-SA I believe?

There’s a ‘Wizard’ on the Creative Commons site here btw

So using your very useful link, I found this summary, thank you!

So I believe I answered the questions correctly in the OP, cheers!