Image links not appearing when published to Wordpress

First off nothing but praise for those who make this happen, great asset. :clap:

I find the published posts (to Discourse) do not have active image links, Is there a way to get image links to reain active when they transfer from the blog to the forum?

My ‘allowed iframes’ is set to allow the domains, am I missing something?

I noted one from Amazon didn’t even post at all.

Thank you


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Hey @Full30,

Just so I’m sure I’m understanding your issue, could you give a bit more detail on what you mean by “active image links”? I thought you might mean images in iframes or gifs, but I don’t see any on the Wordpress post you linked.

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They’re talking about links embedded into images.

On their WP post:

The image is stripped out from its link when the post is published on Discourse:

No link :point_down:


Thanks @Canapin.

@Full30 There are a few ways this can occur as the WP Discourse plugin does some minor HTML parsing, then Discourse also does some HTML parsing, and re-scraping. The link stripping is most likely occurring in Discourse’s HTML parsing and re-scraping i.e. in the way Discourse handles HTML embedded in posts. For example see


Rather than seek a “technical” fix, my specific advice here is to separate links from images, e.g. by using a link underneath the image. I understand that you’d prefer to keep them as one, however you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle on that front to get it working consistently. Separating them may work.

Essentially, Discourse does not aim for HTML fidelity on imported posts. It aims for content fidelity for the purposes of discussion. Your Wordpress > Discourse strategy should be framed with that in mind, meaning that you want your users to be reading the post on Wordpress, with the version of it on Discourse just there as a reference for discussion.



I’ll be conscious of this and perhaps just ad ‘sponsored link’ separate and under each image going forward.

Thank you both for your feedback and again, I love the integration effort :hugs:


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