Image max size on new badge listing UI

Looks like the (otherwise beautiful!) new badge listing UI doesn’t impose a maximum width/height on the icons, oops! :slight_smile:

See: OpenMRS Talk for live demo.

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so don’t do that. :wink:

Easier said than done for badges that use images instead of font-icons. There should be some sort of limit set on the corresponding page. As the user profile would have one size and it seems the badge listing pages would have another.


Yup, image badges should be able to be scaled just as done for Font Awesome. But for images, there’s always an absolute maximum size, so you have to constrain it with CSS vs scale it up by font size. :slight_smile:

interesting to see how other sites use the badge listings, and to learn that admins will just use user profile images instead of preparing an icon/image and uploading it just for use on the badge page. If this can be easily addressed by putting limits on the display size then I’m all for it. If not, uploading resized images for use as badges seems fine to me as well.

For high DPI (aka Retina) displays, you need to provide images that are 2 to 3 times larger than the apparent displayed size (e.g. for a 100px wide badge, it needs to be at least 300px wide), so this problem would exist even with different sized images for different places.


This is now fixed, just needed some CSS tweaks, as you can see at Imgur Community for example.