Image miniatures

I like a lot how discourse inserts images and how the lightbox displays them.

But we - as a photography forum- miss one feature: being able to display a minuature of the first image in a post to the left of the title of the post in the categories view.

Whether it is showed or not should be selectable in a category basis.

We are seeking for something similar to this : Flora y fauna

May be it should be implemented as an addon or plugin to discourse.

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I think the term you’re looking for is a thumbnail! I like the idea. :slight_smile:

You are using unconventional word choices to refer to this feature, try different words, there is a plugin for this out there.

I think this plugin should provide what you’re looking for:


Sorry for my english… long time without practicing.

Yes I meant thumbnails.

Thanks chris, yes, I think that is the sort of plugin we are looking for.

Will try it.

By the way… Is there a place where you can find the plugins available for discourse?

The official list of plugins is quite small.


Subjective I guess, but I don’t know as I’d call ~53 quite small

These aren’t all official plugins, but maybe looking through the 251 repositories could keep you busy for a while?

Thanks, I had only found the plugins announce in the discourse page.
I thought that were the only official ones. I was talking about that few plugins listed in the discourse main page.

So I can search plugins and themes with the official tag.

Now it would be difficult to find the proper one, and then test them.

Thank you

Which is the proper category for asking about pluings and themes that provide some feature you are looking for?

In the plugin and theme categories or those are just for announcing plugins?
Here in the feature category?