Image pattern option for category backgrounds

Hey friends,
since I saw this post from Angus yesterday, I felt inspired by the idea to round up some categories by decent stylish background images.

But most of you might know the main issue: To support large screen resolutions, it’s necessary to upload even larger images. This actually sucks in many ways:

  1. Long page loadings
  2. Wasted transfer volume (mobile users)
  3. There is no “image fits all sizes” option

Therefore, my idea is to add …

  1. … a checkbox with the option to use the image as pattern
  2. … a dropdown menu with 3 (or more) text style options (black/white/customized)

What do you think about this? Is it much work to implement such a feature?



Not a bad idea, but I think we need to support this in regular posts properly first. Essentially the srcset attribute: