Image upload remover within posts

i want to remove upload images in posts.

imagem upload

unfortunately my topic was blocked without me replying

Your question was answered. Did you make the change suggested there?

My take is that answer was how to not allow uploading of any files with a given extension. This question is how to allow images in posts, but instead of having - icon, modal - drag, drop - copy, paste - type URL - not have the icon, modal as a way to put images in posts regardless of extension.

@Eduardo_Braga please confirm or clarify.

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This option does n load the profile image

I want to remove the image upload, upload icon will be displayed to load the link.
I want to keep only one link option

how can I remove this through CSS? “of my depostivio”

Thanks, I understand.

To be clear, it is not that you want to make it impossible for members to insert images from their computer, only to hide that one particular option and make it perhaps a bit more difficult to do.

If so, CSS should be easy enough once an appropriate selector is determined.

i tried here but i can’t remove
imagem upload

do you know CSS to completely remove this option?