Image uploads - color profiles dropped

I think this is a bug, though maybe it is a feature to make the file size smaller?

I work in the photo industry, in our forum sometimes people post images for others to try to troubleshoot printing issues. The image uploaded could be in a color space other than sRGB like Adobe 98 or ProPhoto RGB.

If I post an image to our Discourse forum that is Adobe 98, when I download that image the profile has been stripped and now it is untagged which is really bad as there is no way to know what the original color space was.

Is this intended? is there a way to not remove the color profile?

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By default, image metadata is removed from uploads. However, there’s a site setting for this.

If you’d like the metadata to be preserved, search for strip_image_metadata in the settings and you should see this:


Disabling this setting means the metadata will not be stripped from future image uploads.