Image_url is null after update

Since our update to 2.5.0.beta4 the image_url field for new topics in the category json is null, although they have an image, cf.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Does the issue persist if you ‘rebuild html’ on the first post in the topic? (rebuild html can be found under then :wrench: on the first post)


Yes, any newly created topic doesn’t have an Image_url.

Ah, it looks like you have the discourse-topic-previews plugin installed. The plugin topic has some more information.

You may be interested in @merefield’s theme version of the plugin, or our official topic list thumbnails component.


Hi David, thanks for the hint! I disabled the plugin, reloaded the site and published a new topic, but Image_url is null here as well. Do I have to uninstall the plugin to make it work again? Would love to switch to theme components… Thanks!

Yes, possibly. The plugin might not completely respect the setting


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