Imageboard layout for topics (topic excerpts)

What would you like done?

I need someone to create a new topics layout/listing, in addition to the existing “Latest” and “Top” (both of which are just sorted lists of topic titles). Something that we may call “Excerpt” or something like that.

Basically, this is the layout of imageboards: Topics with 6 or less posts are displayed as is. Topics with more than 6 posts are truncated: only the 1st and last 5 posts are displayed. Topics are arranged by latest post.

I have attached an image of how it might look like.

When do you need it done?

No particular timeline, as soon as possible.

How much would you pay to get it done?"

Please quote me a price, so I can decide if it’s worth it.

Such Topic Lists with images and excerpts are already possible, look at Topic List Previews.

Here’s an example:

(and yes if you want you could tweak that to be one column (it’s one column on mobile), it just adjusts given the provided width).


Thanks for the reply Robert. I’m going to take a closer look at that!

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